Since the early 2000's, our Group has been providing services to our clients across a wide range of industries including agribusiness, banking, defense, energy, housing, infrastructure, mining, private equity, technology, telecom, and transportation. Since our services are tailored to evolve with our clients as markets change, the following represents our key business sectors today.

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Renewable Energy

As one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries worldwide, our Group has been active in renewable energy projects since 2004 including solar, wind and geothermal. As of 2017, our network and personnel have developed, financed and/or permitted about 1.5GW of operating solar projects. Currently, TSI owns a pipeline portfolio of more than one gigawatt of solar projects, which are under development. 

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Floating Solar

Floating solar is an exciting new niche in the solar market that is quickly growing. Obvious benefits of floating solar is renewable energy, but not so obvious is its ability to conserve water by preventing evaporation and to generate more power than standard ground-mount solar installations thanks to water's cooling effect. We find this synergy between water and energy very attractive and aim to take floating solar mainstream.

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Whether in quickly changing emerging markets or developed countries like the U.S., infrastructure opportunities are vast, varied and often require enormous capital commitment. Therefore, we have a consortium of partners committed to developing, servicing, and/or funding infrastructure projects as a co-owner, developer, investor, and/or service provider. 

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Public Private Partnership (PPP or P3) is an arrangement between public and private sectors where often the private entity provides financing, construction, and/or management of a particular project in exchange for payment directly or indirectly from the government. With PPP anticipated to become the mechanism of choice for providing much of the future infrastructure work in the U.S., we and our consortium of partners are already engaged in and also actively seeking PPP opportunities.


Export & Supply Chain Financing

Threats to various trade agreements and rising trade barriers through reciprocal tariffs are beginning to reek havoc on the global market. Relying on a globalized economy more than ever, market volatility is creating challenges to many small to mid-sized companies that require export and supply chain financing with foreign counterparts.  With our financing know-how and funding sources far beyond traditional banks, we are well positioned to assist any companies seeking trade finance solutions.